How to become a millionaire

In the last fifty years that I know of, many of the most profitable, if not the Most Profitable, entrepreneurial endeavors have involved "Closeouts". When talking about Closeouts, I got my mind on liquidations, redundant equipment and machinery, excess and surplus merchandise and bankruptcies.

How to become a millionaire

As a matter of fact, about twenty years ago I have made over one Million Dollars in less than two months on just one deal. For sure the excess and surplus merchandise deals are far more available these days. They can be found around every corner. In the good old days, I used to spend hours telephoning manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, dealers and paying over a dollar a minute for long distance calling, just asking if they had any excess or surplus merchandise, they do not need and are willing to get rid off.

Nowadays things got so much easier. I will give you few tips, so get a pencil and write them down. Open your most preferred search engine. Now, write down the kind of merchandise you are searching for, then write down the "+" sign and right after that write down the word "Closeouts". For example I searched for "toys + closeouts" and there are more than 31,800 results. In this way you will find thousands and thousands of items, which you are able to market.

One thing, which you should keep in mind, is that these items are worthless till someone wants to buy them from you. I get a few emails every week where people are asking me where they can sell their share of random closeout products and how to become a millionaire ? I am able to imagine their dumb-looking faces as I ask them back "Who is selling what you have to offer?"

You should keep in mind that every seller is not only a seller but also a definite buyer. Try to think about it for a few minutes. There are furniture shops that have to buy furniture somewhere, also shoe shops, that have to buy shoes somewhere and definitely grocery shops having to buy groceries. This is the way in which it works; the one who sells is also the one who buys.

Using toys as an example I found 31,800 results. If I decided to get into the toy market, I would simply go out to those sites; then choose some of the toys that I can get for 10% or even less of their retail price. After this I would just go and market these toys to the toy sellers. And I am then able to sell these to the retailers and even the wholesalers, because I can buy them for less than retail price and therefore I am able to beat the price, which the wholesalers are paying.

In this moment I have the option of acting as a finder if I am able to make an arrangement with the closeouts owner, or I can act as pre-seller if I only sell the merchandise in a way that I order them and after that I re-ship them to my customers. Another possibility is to buy the products for my own account and then sell them, as I want to. This can be applied to every kind of merchandise. First you go and locate closeouts, after that you just go and sell them to the sellers who are already selling them.

This can be applied to any kind of product, but then people always ask me "What kind of products are you talking about?" Just be creative...what about home improvement tools, sports equipment, leather apparel, toddler goods, photography equipment, DVD players, TVs and home cinemas, the list goes on and on...any kind of product will do, and once you get a good source for those products focus on finding a seller, every one has the potential to become a millionaire. Remember all sellers are buyers and if the price is right they don't just buy one or two, but dozens lots and many times even thousands lots. Go out and give it a try, you will certainly make more money that way than sitting behind your laptop all day long.

Everything I have learned over the past 30 plus years I will be sharing with you so click the link in the description box now for more detailed answers on how to be become a millionaire.

How to become a millionaire


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